We are Semitec USA Corp.

As a global designer and manufacturer of thermistors, Semitec technology promotes the evolution of sensors offering custom designs for your entire sensor applications.

Since the founding of Semitec Corporation in 1958 one philosophy remains unchanged:

“Always look to the future with flexible, innovative ideas to produce new “State of the Art” sensors before anyone else.”

Semitec pursues the newest technological developments with these concepts in mind. Semitec Technology promotes the evolution of sensors. The Semitec brand thermistors are considered “Best in Class” throughout the world for accuracy and reliability in temperature measurement.

Semitec will continue to challenge the limitations of imagination in the pursuit of “High Technology”, the improvement of our products, our company and ourselves. Be assured you can build your future with Semitec Corporation.

Our Products

NTC Thermistors

NTC Thermistors

NTC Thermistor Probe Assemblies

NTC Thermistor Probe Assemblies

Non-contact Temperature Sensors

Non-contact Temperature Sensors

Current/Voltage Regulating Devices

Current/Voltage Regulating Devices

Power Thermistors

Surge Absorbers

Surge Absorbers

Surge Absorbers

Latest News

Oct 5, 2013

Check out our new company promotional video below. For a full size view, please click HERE.

Oct 4, 2013

Semitec USA Corp. will exhibit at MD&M West, FEB 11-13, 2014 at the Anaheim Convention Center, California. Please stop by our booth for information and expert assistance.

Oct 2, 2013

Semitec custom designed JT thermistor wins approval for temperature measurement in an innovative Type 1 Diabetes monitor.

Sep 30, 2013

Semitec Partners with Rep, Inc. as our Manufacturers Representative for the South Eastern US.


Industries Served


Semitec's ultra small high accuracy thin film thermistors make temperature sensing possible within the most stringient physical limitations. Highly recommended for catheters.


Semitec thermistors are heavily utilized in the automotive industry mainly to monitor and maximize battery efficiency in HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle), Plug-in HEV, and EV applications. Other applications include Motor, Converter, and ECU temperature management.

Office Automation

Semitec thermistors are a crucial component for office equipment including printers and copiers. Contact and non-contact sensors are available for photoreceptor drums or any other temperature sensing need.

Home Appliances

Airconditioners, Microwaves, Water heaters and many appliances within the home have thermistors integrated within the system.

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