NTC Thermistors

  • The term “Thermistor” is used to describe an electronic component whose principle characteristic is a large change in electrical resistance with a change in its body temperature. The word “Thermistor” is derived from the description “thermally sensitive resistor”. NTC Thermistors are devices whose resistance decreases as their temperature increases; defined as Negative Temperature Co-efficient (NTC) Thermistors. NTC Thermistors offer many advantages in the area of temperature sensing: sensitivity (typically a -3% to -6% change in resistivity per a 1°C increase in temperature); small size, diverse configurations; and high accuracy. NTC Thermistors are manufactured from proprietary formulations of ceramic materials and transitional metal oxides. NTC thermistors are available in a wide variety of configurations and protective coatings to suit almost any application.

  • AP Thermistor

    The AP Thermistor offers higher accuracy and higher resistance to heat than our existing high precision thermistors. The AP thermistor features tight tolerance on Resistance @25°C and Beta25/85 value of +/-0.5%. The accuracy in temperature deviation over -60°C to 70°C is +/-0.5°C with an operating temperature range of -60°C to 150°C. Applications include; Portable devices, battery pack, fan motors, automobile, office automation equipment, household appliances, thermometers, etc.

  • AT Thermistor

    The AT thermistor product group is a high-precision thermal sensing device with tight resistance and Beta value tolerances. Offered in five distinct variations, the AT thermistor product group fits a wide range of applications with specification commonalities across varied end user product lines. This feature allows the end user cohesive thermistor characteristics across product designs for varied environmental operating considerations. Within the AT product group are; over molded, through hole board mount, and epoxy coated chip and wire configurations with R25 resistance values from 1K ohms to 100 K ohms.

  • CT Thermistor

    The CT Thermistor is a highly reliable, glass, DO35 format thermistor. The glass package offers higher resistance to heat than Semitec’s existing high precision thermistors. The CT thermistor features a wide range of R25 resistance values from 2.5K ohms through 100K ohms with wide operating temperatures from -50°C to as high as + 250°C. Primarily used in a wide variety of home appliances, the CT thermistor is price competitive with fully automated manufacturing.

  • ET Thermistor

    The ET Thermistor is a smaller version of Semitec’s AT thermistor. With a fast time response in the range of 3 seconds and very high reliability, the ET is particularly suited for use in medical equipment and thermometers. Manufactured on a highly automated production line all ET thermistors are identical in size. This offers the user the option for use in automated assembly processes.

  • FT Thermistor

    The FT thermistor is a NTC thin film device pioneered by Semitec. Unlike typical bulk ceramic thermistors, Semitec FT thermistors are thin film elements deposited on ceramic substrates. Thin film FT thermistors are processed in a method similar to IC’s allowing substantial reduction in dimensions. This reduction in size enhances time response and accuracy. The FT is a decidedly reliable thermistor offering noteworthy advantages over traditional bulk ceramic thermistors in the most demanding of applications.

  • HT Thermistor

    HT Thermistors utilize SOIC packaging technology which is unique to thermistors. The package leads itself to the surface mount reflow soldering assembly process. Offered in resistance values from 3K ohms to 100K ohms and standard R25 tolerance of +/-2%, the HT fits innumerable applications. R25 tolerances of 1% and 3% are also available further enhancing the HT’s application depth.

  • JT Thermistor

    The JT Thermistor offers higher accuracy and higher resistance to heat than our existing high precision thermistors. The JT thermistor features +/-1% tolerance on Resistance @25°C and Beta25/85 value of +/-1%. Designed with thinness in mind Semitec’s JT thermistor offers ultra-thinness and superior insulation VS thermistors similar in design. Designed for rechargeable battery packs, the JT offers superior form, fit and function in all battery pack applications. Typical applications include; battery packs for cell phones, portable power tools, EV and HEV vehicle battery packs or in any application where an ultra-thin temperature sensor is required.

  • KT Thermistor

    The KT thermistor is a specially processed, decidedly reliable thermistor. Typically a surface mount thermistor; the KT is cost effective, has a wide range of R25 resistance values with available tolerances of +/-1%, +/-2% and +/-3%. The KT thermistors are suitable for the most demanding applications. They are fit for both the flow and reflow soldering processes.

  • NT Thermistor

    The NT thermistor is a high quality glass coated NTC element. Constructed of formed lead wires alloyed to the sensing element then encased in glass, the NT thermistor offers operating temperatures up to 350°C. They are available in a wide range of resistance values and R25 tolerances from 1% to 5%. Other metrics include outstanding moisture resistance, fast time response, accurate resistance tolerances and a reasonable price.