Non-Contact Temperature Sensors

  • Semitec offers a variety of contactless temperature sensors. Technologies include IR Thermopile and NTC thermistor based NC remote temperature sensors. Thermopile infrared sensors utilize silicon MEMS technology. Typical applications include Tympanic thermometers, microwave ovens and in other non-contact temperature measurement. Our NC remote temperature sensors consist of two precision thermistors for a larger output than other IR sensors. Applications include LBP and PPC printer fusion rollers, laminators and any other temperature measurement requiring contactless temperature sensing.

  • NC Non-Contact Temperature Sensors

    Semitec engineered the NC Sensor in response to the needs of the Office Automation Appliance industry. Specifically, the laser beam printer (LBP) and the Plain Paper Copier (PPC) heat fusion roller. As a thermistor based non-contact sensor the NC sensor has a larger output when compared to IR sensors. Further, it has a minimal negative effect caused by humidity and dust (paper and other) as the NC sensors measure temperature via radiated heat VS Infrared Radiation (light). The NC Sensor employs two precision thermistors.

  • TP Non-Contact Temperature Sensors

    Semitec has a limited offering of Thermopile (TP) temperature sensors. The Thermopile is a Micro Electrical Mechanical System (MEMS) temperature sensor. MEMS are a class of miniature devices and/or systems fabricated by a micromachining process. Basically, a thermopile is an electronic device that converts thermal energy to electrical energy. It is comprised of many miniature thermocouples connected usually in series. Thermopiles do not respond to absolute temperature, but generate an output voltage proportional to a local temperature difference or temperature gradient. Thermopiles detect the temperature of an object by absorbing the infrared radiation that emits from the objects surface. Most thermopiles are equipped with a black body surface for effectively absorbing the IR radiation.