Our Products

Semitec pursues the newest technological developments with these concepts in mind. Semitec Technology promotes the evolution of sensors. The Semitec brand thermistors are considered “Best in Class” throughout the world for accuracy and reliability in temperature measurement.

  • NTC Thermistors

    The term “Thermistor” is used to describe an electronic component whose principle characteristic is a large change in electrical resistance with a change in its body temperature. The word “Thermistor” is derived from the description “thermally sensitive resistor”. NTC Thermistors are devices whose resistance decreases as their temperature increases; defined as Negative Temperature Co-efficient (NTC) Thermistors. NTC Thermistors offer many advantages in the area of temperature sensing: sensitivity (typically a -3% to -6% change in resistivity per a 1°C increase in temperature); small size, diverse configurations; and high accuracy. NTC Thermistors are manufactured from proprietary formulations of ceramic materials and transitional metal oxides. NTC thermistors are available in a wide variety of configurations and protective coatings to suit almost any application.

  • NTC Thermistor Probe Assemblies

    Semitec NTC thermistor probe assemblies are designed to meet the specific electrical and mechanical requirements of each application. The custom designed assemblies incorporate various NTC thermistors based on the required application. The probe assembly has the same electrical characteristics as the NTC thermistor used in the probe. Various thermistors can be utilized in probe assemblies based on their operating temperature and application environment. Typical applications include: air/gas, liquid, and surface temperature. Standard configurations are available but please note our sales, engineering, and customer service staff are available to assist at all levels of product development.

  • Non-Contact Temperature Sensors

    Semitec offers a variety of contactless temperature sensors. Technologies include IR Thermopile and NTC thermistor based NC remote temperature sensors. Thermopile infrared sensors utilize silicon MEMS technology. Typical applications include Tympanic thermometers, microwave ovens and in other non-contact temperature measurement. Our NC remote temperature sensors consist of two precision thermistors for a larger output than other IR sensors. Applications include LBP and PPC printer fusion rollers, laminators and any other temperature measurement requiring contactless temperature sensing.

  • Current Regulating Devices

    Semitec CRD (Current Regulating Device) is a diode which supplies constant current to an electrical circuit, even with power supply fluctuations or load impedance fluctuations. CRD is used for current stabilization and/or current limiting. They are offered in glass diode and surface mount configurations.

  • Power Thermistors (ICL)

    Semitec Power Thermistors or Inrush Current Limiters (ICL) are NTC Thermistors used for suppressing inrush current to an electrical circuit. Circuits including lighting, power supplies and capacitors induce an inrush current of a magnitude more than 100 times larger than the normal current when the circuit is turned on. Semitec Power thermistors resistance limits the initial current. As the thermistor heats due to current flow, its resistance changes to a lower value allowing current to flow uninterrupted.

  • Surge Absorbers

    Semitec offers two voltage surge absorbers Metal Oxide Varistors (MOV) and Voltage Regulating Devices (VRD). Semitec Zenamic MOVs are transient/surge absorbers featuring large surge current handling capability and energy handling capability for absorbing transient overvoltage. The D series achieves this in a compact size. Semitec MOVs feature a wide product range for transient/surge protection from AC 100V- AC 480 V with peak current ratings from 600amps to 7000amps.

    Semitec VRD is a transient voltage suppressor used for protecting electrical circuits from surge voltage and breakdown prevention. Our VRD offers superior surge suppression characteristics such as: extremely fast time response, very low clamping voltage and high surge capacity. Unlike MOVs (metal oxide varistors), the VRD characteristics do not change with surge variations within rated capacity. They are also offered in diode and SMD configurations.